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            2018-08-02 04:58:26


              Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should

              1) describe the drawing briefly,

              2) explain its intended meaning, and then

              3) give your comments.

              You should write neatly on ANSHWER SHEET 2. (20 points)



              第一句我們只需要對這幅圖畫進行直觀評價就可以了。可以寫成What an interesting picture it is! 怎么記? 只要記住這是一個感嘆句句式即可。

                  第二句記憶的時候,弄清楚前后兩個非限制性定語從句。As is vividly depicted in the  photo, a hot pot is boiling a lot of different things with much hot steam  gushing, which successfully captures our eyes.   

                  第三句可以寫成:After a close watch, it is not difficult to find that many kinds of culture have been mixed in the same small hot pot, symbolizing the exchange of many different kinds of culture from all over the world. 在記憶的時候,只需記住是“狀語+it形式主語句+主干”即可。Apparently, what the drawing has subtly conveyed deserves a further analysis. 這是最后一句,相信大家能立馬分清:這是主語從句。接著看第二段。第二段的思路是:“關鍵句(總)、具體原因(分)、結果分析”。


              Theoretically, the phenomenon presented by the drawing brings us both  advantages and disadvantages. As for my part, the former outweighs its latter. On the top of list is that the same earth village could bring us much more commerce opportunities, which help the whole development of the world. In addition, there is the other point that no one can ignore. It is no doubt that more friendly cooperation from different countries may promote the development of diplomatic relations between countries. No other case can better illustrate the phenomenon than the picture above.

                  其實,第一句就是“主謂賓”的結構,后面的原因句子,“On the top of list is that...”是我們教大家的框架句子。“In addition, there is the other point that...”

            這樣的句式其實就是就是“There be +that從句”。

            來看最后一段。段落思路是“關鍵句+具體建議+結尾句”。由于本題屬于“社會現象”,所以可以寫成以下段落。記憶這些句子時,注意句式:it 形式主語句式、倒裝句等。

              According to the analysis above, it is advisable for us to take steps to maximize its positive effects and minimize the disadvantages. Of all the steps, mass media tends to function essentially in the job. Only in this way can we make the best of the value of global communication between mass kinds of culture .